26 Episodes

What is so special about Derek Price?
You will soon find out the answer as you follow the life of socially deficient Derek Price as he stumbles through his transformation into a hot commodity for women. With the help of his roommate Keisha, Derek learns what makes women tick, and uses the information to his advantage. Meanwhile, other characters are trying to get through life as they discover themselves while dealing with issues in their own relationships.

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  • EPISODE 1 : Man in the Mirror

    Episode 1

    Follow Derek Price as he begins his journey to find himself.

  • EPISODE 2: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Episode 2

    Kiesha sets Derek straight, Kiana gets her point across to her boyfriend and Raymond plays the blame game with Jazmin.

  • EPISODE 3: Basic Training

    Episode 3

    Kiesha teaches Derek the basics while Kiana deals with the truth.

  • EPISODE 4: Operation Derek

    Episode 4

    Kiesha decides to take him to the next level by dropping Derek off in right in the middle of the action, but Derek has his own plans.

  • EPISODE 5: Fool's Gold

    Episode 5

    Derek gets in a little over his head, Dawn is feeling neglected while Eric has issues with his pipes. Raymond is up to his usual games.

  • EPISODE 6: Eager Beavers

    Episode 6

    Derek takes a step into the real world, an unlikely someone has eyes for Kiesha, and Dawn ponders her situation.

  • EPISODE 7: Perfect Strangers

    Episode 7

    Kiesha continues to school Derek, Jazmin sets a mousetrap, and Dawn meets the perfect stranger.

  • EPISODE 8: Amanda

    Episode 8

    Kiesha gives Derek some life lessons, Derek reminisces about his college days, and is quickly reminded that he is not cutting the mustard.

  • EPISODE 9: Butterflies

    Episode 9

    Derek looks for a job that better suits him, while Kiesha and the gang plan for a fun night out. Dawn is in her usual funk over Eric, but may not be singing the blues too much longer.

  • EPISODE 10: Forbidden Fruit

    Episode 10

    Derek and Dawn get to know each other, while Kiesha has an unexpected visitor.

  • EPISODE 11: Deals with the Devil

    Episode 11

    Kiesha deals with a skeleton from the past while Dawn and Derek make a deal.

  • EPISODE 12: A House is not a Home

    Episode 12

    Dawn and Derek continue to get hot and heavy, while Eric stumbles upon some interesting facts. Raymond and Jazmin are at odds again.

  • EPISODE 13: Mars and Venus

    Episode 13

    Dawn contemplates her relationship with Derek, while Eric plays the good husband. Meanwhile Kiesha is still haunted by Isaiah.

  • EPISODE 14: Caught Up

    Episode 14

    Isaiah makes a claim for what's his, Nakia practices what she preaches,and Kiesha finds herself in an awkward position. Meanwhile, Dawn and Derek continue to get caught up.

  • EPISODE 15 : Ground Zero

    Episode 15

    After the aftermath, Dawn tries to pull herself together while Eric gets away to think. Derek and the fellas get together for a good time and some friendly advice.

  • EPISODE 16 : Dangerous Grounds

    Episode 16

    Derek steps into forbidden territory while a jilted Dawn plots her next move.

  • EPISODE 17 : Temptations

    Episode 17

    Raymond confronts Jazmin, Dawn makes a proposition to Derek, and Eric keeps his eye on the prize.

  • EPISODE 18 : A Woman's Web

    Episode 18

    Kiesha deals with some serious family issues, while Derek has to make a life changing decision.

  • EPISODE 19 : Can't Knock the Hustle

    Episode 19

    Derek looks to help out Kiesha, but travels down an unfamiliar and possibly dangerous path in the process.

  • EPISODE 20 : Money and the Power

    Episode 20

    Derek jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire. Dawn and Derek don't see eye to eye.

  • EPISODE 21 : Reflections

    Episode 21

    Jazmin and Derek say their goodbyes. Raymond doesn't hold any punches. Derek reflects on his recents actions. Isaiah is up to something.

  • EPISODE 22 : Consequences (Season Finale)

    Episode 22

    Everything comes to a head in this explosive season finale.


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